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Honeybees, Yellowjackets, Carpenter bees, Wasps, Hornets, insect problems resolved- Guaranteed!

We have successfully resolved over 2,000 colony issues. Have us rescue and relocate your honeybees and provide you with a written one-year guarantee! Ask for a certificate of insurance with proof of a $3 million liability limit.

Flying stinging pests including Yellowjackets, Carpenter bees, Wasps, Hornets are exterminated using a power duster or other pest control methods. You pay only once. We guarantee to work with you until your pests are dead, period. Let's look at the insect identification page together so we can schedule your work!  

As as Beekeeper, I find rescuing Honey bees most often fits into one of three categories:

Structural Colony Removal,

Swarm Removal, or

Tree Colony Removal

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Bee colonies can be aggressive, chasing you, stinging you multiple times to protect their hive. Yellowjackets can live in the ground, around brush piles, in walls, and along rooflines. Africanized honeybees have been found in Kansas City, MO and was found to overwinter in Colorado!

Experienced  |  Guaranteed  |  Insured

Experienced  |  Guaranteed  |  Insured

 Why KC Bee Removal? 

     Saving Honeybees and overseeing extermination of pests is a passion of Jeffrey's.  He works to preserve the integrity of your structure or landscaping while solving your issue.  Jeffrey completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kansas and worked in Information Technology a couple of decades.  He developed effective methods for solving problems over the years.

     Jeffrey has performed hundreds of honeybee and swarm removals and his team has dispatched hundreds of pest exterminations. You will benefit from Jeffrey utilizing techniques he has developed from past experience.  Jeffrey has observed patterns in previous cases that he will apply to your potentially unique problem.

     Jeffrey has opened and sealed shingled roofs, exterior walls, interior walls and ceilings, floors from the exterior and interior, soffits, patio ceilings and more.  He's removed bees from inexpensive homes, multi-million dollar homes, apartments, restaurants, churches, hotels and more. KC Bee Removal carries $3M in liability coverage.

     A beekeeper needs construction skills to do the work properly.  Jeffrey's cleaned up more than one unsuccessful removal job.  Sealing the honeybees into a structure with foam/or caulk does not work for established colonies.  Honeybees are ingenious at finding entryways just over one-eighth inch in diameter.  Jeffrey can provide you photographs as proof your removal was done correctly.  He can also explain to you why it was done correctly.

Jeffrey checking a rescued bee colony.

Jeffrey checking a rescued bee colony.


     Removal or exterminations are prioritized by urgency (like your roofers are coming the next week). I recommend swarms be relocated quickly to avoid having them settle into your home, business or landscaping.  All exterminations are completed under the supervision of a licensed and insured pest control professional. 


     I charge reasonable amounts for exterminations or removals; and repairs if necessary. Additional services are available to complete complicated repairs that include stucco, carpet stretching and brick or stone repair. Work is completed timely and according to professional standards.

Touch to contact Jeffrey for KS or MO.

Touch to contact Jeffrey for KS or MO.

Choosing a Bee Removal Professional

     Yellowjackets can look like honey bees. We can save you money by exterminating when no honey bees and honey is involved. KS and MO does not regulate the honeybee removal profession. There is some universal wisdom that can be gained from the University of Florida website on selecting a removal professional:

Touch to contact Jeffrey for Yellow Jackets like treated in this KC, MO rental house.

Touch to contact Jeffrey for Yellow Jackets like treated in this KC, MO rental house.

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